Veri-Credit Benefits


  • A time-proven method to stimulate compliance of credit terms by slow payers.
  • Recovery of funds owed by bad debtors by leveraging recoveries against listing on a secure Trade Credit Bureau.
  • Access to current valid & verifiable trade payment information by industry sector as a proactive means to reduce credit risks.
  • An opportunity to anonymously exchange payment experience on mutual customers by industry sector and obtain credit information not available from any other source.
  • A means of verifying credit information, reports and other credit facts which the member may use to determine their own credit decisions.
  • A proven resource to identify and monitor high risk credit customers.
  • Expedite transaction disputes.
  • Verification of Bad Debt in support of VAT refund.
  • Enhance existing credit evaluation and monitoring processes
  • Reduce bad debt through AutoAlert early warning signal
  • Significantly reduced collections and recovery costs