Rent Recoveries


When a tenant fails to pay rent, this can have significant adverse consequences for the Property Manager and its client. That rent may be relied upon to pay a mortgage on the property or needed elsewhere. Veri-Credit’s Rent Recoveries allows the Property Manager to register as a Veri-Credit Corporate Member and utilise Veri-Credit Prompt Payment Chaser and/or Demand Letter Service for collections during which the debtor is instructed to pay you directly. You receive 100% of the amount due.

Furthermore, by implementing Veri-Credit as an extension of the credit control management system, Veri-Credit establishes a proactive risk management function that reduces tenancy defaults and relieves the Property Manager of the burden of chasing slow rent payers or those in default. The substantial savings delivered by Veri-Credit mean that adoption of Veri-Credit is self-financing.