Our Team


From 1990-2010, Stephen Mills managed the establishment of Financial Sector credit reference bureaus and their debt collection arm, in eight sub-Saharan Africa countries. During that 20-year period, he managed both Veri-Credit & Veri-Cheque which were highly successful in the reduction of credit abuse and the significant recovery of bad debts.


Najma Dadar, Managing Director, Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau operations. Ms Dadar has over 18years experience in debt management and banking, She previously managed Veri-Credit & Veri-Cheque operations across Africa. She has a diploma in Business Management, Professionalism, Ethics & Business writing and is currently pursuing a diploma in Credit Management. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).


Kelvin Ngaruiya is the Business Development Manager at Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau, handling product promotion and media management. An investment banker by profession, he has previously worked at Genghis Capital as a wealth manager and corporate finance analyst gaining experience in business development, strategy and investment analysis. Kelvin holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and a Master of Science (with merit) in Investment Banking and Finance from the University of Glasgow.


Kanak Kotak, Veri-Credit Finance and HR Manager has over 20 years’ sales experience in the Insurance Industry. He holds a Certificate of Proficiency from the College of Insurance and a Certificate in Financial Advisory from the Chartered Institute of Insurance and is currently completing his ACCA qualifications.