Veri-Credit is a nationwide Trade Sector bureau credit reporting agency whose members anonymously exchange DBT (Days Beyond Terms) payment performance information on the compliance of credit terms by their customers.

Veri-Credit is specifically aimed at improving management of Accounts Receivable, by significantly increasing your cash flow by reducing your Days Beyond Terms [DBT] whilst retaining customer loyalty.

Three-fold: First by our Veri-Credit Stamp which stimulates compliance of credit terms. Secondly, by the Prompt Payment Chaser requesting immediate payment, and finally by our low-cost Debt Recovery service which leverages payment against credit bureau listing.

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Yes. It is comparable to the Credit Reference Bureaus operating for the Financial Sector.

No. Our low recovery commission is only payable when you get paid!

Unfortunately for legal reasons, each company must become a Veri-Credit member in their own right.

Veri-Credit’s Debt Recovery is fully automated and other collection agencies do not have access to a Trade Sector Bureau with which to leverage debt repayments.

No. D.B.T listings are averaged and therefore anonymous.


Trade Sector Bureau data is accessed through each member’s own secure, online and confidential password protected portal.

Participation in the confidential exchange of credit information provides Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau members with unique access to verifiable credit payment performance experiences for evaluating credit risks and thereby minimising collection problems and significantly improving cash flow through a reduction in D.B.T

Yes, trade credit customers may view their averaged D.B.T data held by the Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau.

How a company pays its vendors is a good predictor of how a supplier will be paid if it agrees to sell on credit.

Yes, trade credit customers are permitted to write a 100-word statement contesting their D.B.T. record.

No. However, the Veri-Credit Management Team responsible for pioneering credit reference bureaus across the African continent has designed the Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau to the same policies and procedures as the Financial Sector Credit Reference Bureaus.

Yes, Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau ensures that it follows the prescribed legal framework as touching on privacy laws in protecting its members.

Veri-Credit does not collect information about race, religious preference, medical history, personal lifestyle, political preference, criminal records or any other information unrelated to corporate information and payment performance.

We can accept data files via email, FTP, and through our website. We prefer website upload as it allows greater security.