The Cash Flow Solutions Company
Focused on compiling trade information to assist our members to expedite their cash flow resulting in increased profitability

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Trade Sector Bureau

D.B.T are anonymously recorded on the Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau system

Veri-Credit Stamp

The Veri-Credit stamp is critical to the success of your Veri-Credit membership.

Prompt payment chaser

Designed to retain customer loyalty stimulating payment of outstanding invoices

Debt Recovery

Alternative to Prompt Payment Chaser elevated to our Veri-Credit Debt Recovery Program


Deter credit abuse from customers with a history of outstanding bad cheques

Auto Alert

Early warning if any listed customer starts to experience invoice payment problems


The Cash Flow Solutions Company

Selling on credit is a fundamental requirement in today’s economy. Most companies can’t compete unless they can offer credit terms. Unfortunately, too many credit customers treat credit terms as if they were interest-free, perpetual loans. Their tactic is to drag out payment as long as possible.

Veri-Credit Trade Sector Bureau is a membership-based organisation which offers its members a time-proven method of significantly increasing its cash flow resulting in higher profitability.

Business Sectors

Trade Classifications



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